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Photo listing : tracks

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The pavement is in terrible condition from Tetbury to Highgrove not usable by pedestrians or cyclists

Make a crossing here as hard to cross having to watch traffic from roundabout

Poor pavement with potholes that highways will not fix! Trip hazard awaiting victims

Crossing needs traffic control

Pavement needs widening and parked cars need to be moved away all down the frontages from the old Dormer school to the Redesdale Arms. All these shops and cafes are quite small along this side of the High Street. This road is not needed fo ... [more]

Drop curb needed opposite turn from Castle Street into Park Lane

This area needs another path and a clear pedestrian crossing with traffic calming in place. The speed at which cars and lorries drive up this stretch is dangerous for all the mums and children getting to school.

Wider pavement on corner of Church Street / Long Street, as lorries mount pavement as they turn corner, very dangerous.

Could a drop kerb be put in off the edge of the green at Amberley Park at the nursing home entrance and on the pavement that follows on from it on Mercer Way please?

There is no pavement along the main road to the new housing development

This part of the path is very dangerous and uneven, with very bad potholes, which you would think would by much better maintained considering it is the main route to the secondary school. This has been raise with GCC and CDC on many occasio ... [more]

You cannot even walk on this part of the footpath as the bush is too overgrown.

The bushes in this area have always been extremely overgrown and needs attention. This contributes towards the problem. The left hand side travelling towards the school is also the only side of the road with a footpath as there isn't a path ... [more]

This junction needs improving for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. traffic builds at busy times as exit is locked by waiting vehicles turning right. box junction, feeder lanes, cycle lane, pedestrian crossing, pavement widening all neede ... [more]

This junction needs improving for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. traffic builds at busy times as exit is locked by waiting vehicles turning right. box junction, feeder lanes, cycle lane, pedestrian crossing, pavement widening all neede ... [more]

Reduce speed limit to 20mph, add road narrowing lines to improve safeety for pedestrians and cyclists

Crossing between the Snooty Fox and Quayles is very tricky and dangerous especially with cars speeding off the roundabout. Could do with a marked pedestrian crossing on that street.

No pavement coming from the lioncourt homes development. Walkers with children are forced to walk on the road.

The Tetbury Trail can't be made one way as the loop proposed would use footpaths that cyclists can't use.

If there was a complete ban on vehicle parking through the centre of town, the road could be narrowed and pavements widened. Along with a speed reduction and increased weight limitation for large vehicles, this would significantly improve s ... [more]

Use parking space to widen pavement

Pavements too narrow and people standing and drinking outside of the ormond

Pavement is too narrow and unsafe, especially for children

Needed a drop curb either side. And signs to show people crossing or something

Pavement incomplete

Pavement incomplete

There should be a pavement leading from the Highfields estate to the older estate adjacent to Highfields. This would allow children living in the Highfields estate a Walkable route to school without the need to cross a main road at all

There is no official crossing from the Highfields estate to the main path down to towards schools and stores. Children and adults are expected to just run across the main road. The addition of a zebra crossing may help here

This is really scary to walk Or cycle but there is no pavement.

A better pedestrian crossing, possibly a speed bump either side of this crossing to also slow traffic turning onto Chavenage Lane.

The alley to the Library although really useful is very narrow and not suitable for social distancing. There is also no visibility where it exits to Long Street increasing the risk of literally bumping into someone else let alone maintaini ... [more]

Pavement here is poor and doesn’t match up where you are forced to cross and so crossing is difficult. This is a busy A road and a popular crossing point. The pavement needs to be improved, traffic slowed and possibly an island added.

This is a really popular walking and family cycling route around town and the crossing of the main A road here is really dangerous. It is a fast and busy road and a blind corner. Traffic needs to be slowed and warned of the crossing point a ... [more]

Many people use Eccles Ct to bypass Long Street and particularly as a route to St Mary’s School. The natural place to cross busy London Road is near the hardware shop rather than walking up to the crossing near Priory Way. Either a new ... [more]

Very difficult to cross from one side of The Chipping to the other. The natural place to cross is near the entrance to the car park however visibility here when crossing from the Christchurch side is zero due primarily to the green van whic ... [more]

Very narrow pavement along the main road which is the only pedestrian access to the hospital. Improving this may encourage people to walk the short distance from town to the hospital.

Path to narrow with hgv trucks inches away

Crossing the A4135 from outside Top Banana Antiques with children is very dangerous, even with the island halfway you are unable to see vehicles turning in from the junction and they are unable to see you until they have swung around the co ... [more]

A pedestrian crossing needed - this will slow traffic and make it safer for all people to cross this road that people often speed up

Roseblade Walk has exits onto the main road which has no footpath on this side. Can Roseblade Walk be extended to pick up the footpath coming out of Shepherds Mead? This would remove the need to cross the busy and fast moving A road

Some discreet lighting down this path would help. Note as gardens back onto this pathway low level lighting would be needed

Whilst the footpath is quite wide it is quite impossible to walk along it during and after rain as the number of puddles and stream going down the road make it a certainty of getting soaked by traffic as they are forced into the puddles. No ... [more]

The pavement here is so narrow. Scary when big lorries are driving past and also not possible to socially distance. There is no pavement on the other side either.

The pavement is to narrow for quite a long stretch but there is also no pavement on the other side for a short stretch so you cross the road to avoid others but you are then walking on the road. A pavement on the other side is needed.

Too many HTC lorries ignoring the ban and using Tetbury as short cut from M4 Malmesbury to M5 Stroud. Enforce the weight restrictions more vigorously. Revise the Bath and Wiltshire bridge weight restrictions to interference very heavy vehi ... [more]

Junction very unsafe to cross the road from every direction. It's long overdue to add zebra crossings here.

Far too many shops and cafes have planters,tables, advertising signs etc on the pavements which impede people's ability to socially distance. They are an absolute nuisance.

Most of the pavement between Tetbury and Long Newnton is narrow and very poorly maintained. In winter, it is almost impassable in places.

Too narrow and with no pavement on the other side people have to step into the road to socially distance. Widen path and reduce speed limit to 20 mph.

Pavement too narrow especially if Long Street closes and more traffic sent this way. Popular route for people walking into town.

The railway track gets very busy and it's almost impossible to socially distance. My suggestion would be to make it one way to loop round Cirencester Road or Herd Lane

The pavement isn’t wide enough to allow social distancing and you need to step into the road. It is a popular route to the Tetbury trail

There are very narrow pavements leading from the new developments into Tetbury. They are used by lots of children walking to school where some areas of the road are 40mph.

This pavement here is below in recommended width for a pavement. I would suggest widening it anyway for public safety as this is a busy stretch of road.

Pavement required on both sides of Bath Road. Currently pedestrians have to cross twice to stay on the pavement with vehicles often speeding. 40mph too fast here anyway

Very narrow pavements. Impossible to socially distance without stepping in to often accelerating traffic. Widen pavements by making road and paths a shared space that cars, cyclists and pedestrians can navigate safely

Very narrow or absent pavements. Cars all over the place and feel they have priority over pedestrians. dangerous speeds. School at end of Berkeley Close. Possible solutions. 1. Reduce speed limits to 15mph. 2. Close Berkeley Close to Scho ... [more]

Pavement too narrow on both sides. Reduce speed limit and use traffic calming to make it safer for pedestrians to walk in road.

Too many cars during school pick-up and drop-off times. Unsafe for children to cycle and cross roads. Moveable street furniture could be used to slow traffic and reduce road width at these times.

Pavement too narrow. 15mph speed limit and use of street furniture to enable pedestrians and cyclists to share highway with motor vehicles (slow-street).

Pavement too narrow. Needs to be widened into highway.

The nursing home is used as a forest school site by St Mary’s playgroup. A pavement is needed to allow walking access

Narrow pavement along a large part of the Cirencester Rd. on route to a popular walking route. Social distancing is impossible, and you regularly have to walk in the road to avoid people.

There are no pavements coming out of the new developments to meet the pathways on the Cirencester Road. They are the responsibility of the developers, but the council need to put pressure on them to get these done. The only way out of the L ... [more]

There is no pavements along Cutwell. The only one is by 18 Cutwell and it's to narrow. Introduce pedestrian controlled traffic lights to allow safe walking on the road?

Very narrow pavement across the bridge. Either extend the pavement onto the road or introduce a one way system where one can go into town using the path under the bridge but on the way out towards Westonbirt have to go over the top of the b ... [more]

The pavement is overgrown between Tetbury and Doughton. Pedestrians have to step out into the road to avoid over grown bramble and hedge.

There is no path here

Narrow pavement needs widening on a route to a school.

Narrow pathway on route to school- no space for social distancing

Narrow pathway on route to school- no space for social distancing

Narrow corner pavement widening

This stretch of the B4014 has an inadequate pavement between town at the hamlet of Tetbury Upton on one side of the road. It also has an unnecessary and short speed restriction which is of the national speed limit (60mph) , set between ti ... [more]

Pavement is very narrow, to achieve 2m social distancing someone has to walk in the road on the south side of the road. Create a narrower road (will achieve slower traffic speeds) and create a shared ped/cycle route to all safe social dist ... [more]

If the high verges were cut very low then pedestrians could walk on these and allow others to walk past. Currently the pavement isn’t wide enough to allow people to pass each other with sufficient space and the verge is very long and cove ... [more]

The pavement is to narrow before social distancing, bushes and hedges always over grown. Speed limit on road is way to high especially when people have to get in the road to pass each other. Walking that stretch of siddington road with a ... [more]

The pavement isn't wide enough for people to keep 2 metres apart

Hedges of two houses near top of street are blocking the pavement and need cutting back.

Not wide enough to pass safely. Stepping into the road means taking up half the carriageway. People are not making enough room for one another either.

The pavement here is far too narrow for safety - for some reason the south bound carriageway here is wider than on the north bound. You cannot cross safely on the other side of the roundabout due to poor visibility so have to cross twice to ... [more]

Would be nice if it was cleard and widened and resurfaced. Pot hole are huge and dangerous covering most of path.

Bridleway to Oddington

Poor bridleway across the fields

Byway from Bledington to Oddington

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